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What Does Home Mean to You?

"Home is a place you can feel comfortable cooking breakfast in your pajamas."
Danielle Halloran
Folsom, California
"A clean, fresh, lemon-scented living room, open windows, plenty of sun and warmth everywhere, and my mother’s cheese pie baking in the oven."
Thei Zervaki
New York
"Where I can be naked, both emotionally and physically."
Courie Helene Weiss
Marina Del Rey, California
"Home isn’t a place; it’s a feeling."
Winter Skelton
Springfield, Missouri
"Home is a place of love and comfort that always welcomes you with open arms―and perhaps a plate of freshly baked cookies."
Jaime Meier
Durham, North Carolina
"Home means catching fireflies out on the front lawn with my brother. Those were the best times of my life."
Shannon Cuthrell
Cary, North Carolina
"Home is where the rags of your life are turned into quilts, lemons become lemonade, and a few extra pounds are simply welcomed as - more of you to love."
Sherry Bubnowski
Four States, West Virginia

What is a monochromatic colour palette Take any colour and add varying degrees of black, white or grey to it and you will have a fabulous range of different tones to select from for a very simple, yet effective decorating palette. Designers refer to this as a monochromatic scheme as you are starting with just one […]

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Who wouldn’t like to see the back of school bags, shoes, hats and coats cluttering up the entrance hall?  I would hazard a guess that this is pretty much everyone which is why when you are planning a new house or renovating an existing one you should consider including a Mud Room. Once considered the […]

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Garden designers know all about borrowing the outlook from your neighbour and making use of their trees and hedging in your own scheme and the same principles apply when looking at an outdoor room of your very own.  Your indoor space absolutely must benefit from your outdoor area or you are wasting valuable real estate space. I have […]

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Beautifully evocative, Moroccan style is simply stunning.  The richness of the colours, the classic lines of the architecture and the exotic furniture designs make this one of the most interesting of all the global decorating styles.  Difficult to replicate in its entirety, there are nonetheless many features from this look that we can introduce into […]

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Window dressings, in addition to looking great and finishing a room, are also extremely practical.  One of my favourite choices to dress a window are sheers – curtains that are simple and unlined that you can just see through when the light shines on them.  Sheers can look contemporary or more classic depending on the […]

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Country Style covers a wide range of looks and will vary greatly depending upon which country you are in so this guide is to show you how to get the general look and feel.  Later I will be writing in more detail about the different types of country style as it is definitely one of […]

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Gone are the days when you bought a 3 piece living room suite and your job was finished.  There are so many seating options available now and lots of mixing and matching to be done that the job is a lot more interesting and of course potentially quite a bit more involved. Now this may […]

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Painting bricks white is one of the easiest and most effective ways to update an interior scheme.  Bricks are certainly back in fashion and you only need to look at a trendy TV show to see a wall of bricks somewhere in a gorgeous loft apartment or warehouse development.  However, there are a wide range […]

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There can be a misconception with choosing the right colour to paint your eaves.  Often people group eaves with the fascia and sometimes the right colour can relate to the trim of your house but this is not necessarily always the case.  Eaves, or soffits as they are sometimes referred to, often pose a problem […]

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Table lamps are the perfect accessory tool when finishing a room as they are practical but can be very beautiful and a statement piece in the scheme.  Lighting a space well is no mean feat and I always recommend a lighting specialist to clients when they are building a new home. The way that we […]

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Kitchen styling is the fun part of a renovation project.  Let’s face it, renovating a kitchen is a major job.  There is a lot of planning, choices to be made, tradespeople to deal with and the upheaval of  making do with a microwave in the living room for far too many weeks! Hopefully after all […]

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There is something quintessentially wonderful about Australian Coastal Style that is difficult to replicate anywhere else in the world.  Perhaps it has something to do with the laid back persona of the Aussies or just the magnificence of the natural beauty of the coastal regions with their gorgeous sandy beaches and interesting inlets and harbours.  […]

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I really do like a window finished with Roman blinds and it is without doubt one of my favourite ways to dress a window.  The appeal for me is that Roman blinds are neat and tidy but also stylish and often very pretty.  They do not offer the practical solution that a sunscreen blind does […]

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With Spring around the corner, my thoughts are turning to my garden again which needs much love, care and attention.   I love a nice place to sit and the humble garden bench, which has been popular for centuries, makes both an ideal resting spot and a great focal point and garden accessory.  Now is […]

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I love my dining room.  It is lined with bookshelves and music and I love entertaining there.  I also just like to go in and sit at the dining table – it’s in the cooler part of the house – so sometimes I just camp there with my laptop to work.  I know though that […]

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  What do you think of this old adage?  I believe that it is absolutely true, whether we are talking about people or houses.  That first impression really does count and is particularly important if you are in the process of selling your home.  But […]

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Have you noticed that interiors are very neutral now? I’m sure there is no way that you couldn’t have done.  White and Grey are the neutrals of the moment and of course they are very stylish.  Flick through Pinterest and you will see that so many coastal schemes are also now very neutral but what […]

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We have all been faced with a blank wall and wondered how to make it more appealing rather than a dead space to pass by.  There are a number of approaches to make it more interesting.  You can employ a collection of interesting items to group together so that the eye can meander slowly along […]

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For those of you who love classic style decorating, you should really consider incorporating a dark blue grey into your kitchen scheme.  Whether you like a farmhouse look, an upmarket Hamptons style or a classic English scheme, using just white on its own, although lovely, can sometimes leave you wanting.  Smart dark grey works well […]

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Both beautiful and sustainable, natural timber is one of the best ways to introduce warmth and personality into an interior scheme, which is one of the main reasons that timber kitchens are enjoying a well deserved revival.  While we don’t see full solid timber kitchens in design much anymore, there is no doubt that a […]

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Styles come and go, as do colour schemes, but simple and elegant black endures.  Chanel’s little black dress is the epitome of elegance and style, a look that has survived the years, most famously worn by Audrey Hepburn and emulated by women for decades.  This classic neutral is also a great colour for interiors as it adds strong […]

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So, Ultra Violet has been chosen by Pantone as its colour of the year for 2018.  Quite a provocative choice, by their own admission, particularly after the well regarded and universally liked Greenery of 2017.  What do you think of it?  What do you know about it?  A little background – Pantone is recognised around […]

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Kitchens sell houses and are also the heart of the home.  Overall this is probably the biggest investment you will make when renovating or building your home.  NO pressure then to get it right!  There are many decisions to be made but one that is very important and I find often overlooked to begin with, […]

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Investing in a sofa or occasional chair for your home can be a costly exercise so it pays to understand a little about upholstery fabric before you hit the shops.   A sofa, in particular, is a piece of furniture that you need to last for a long time and you also want it to keep […]

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Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses but unfortunately they are also the most expensive areas to remodel.  Sometimes though a bathroom can be fundamentally OK.  The tiles may not be exactly as you would choose if you were starting from scratch but everything works and is still pretty modern or at least suits the look and […]

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Let me explain to you why I love a crisp white trim.  The ubiquitous neutrals are a perennial favourite for exterior and interior decorating schemes.  In fact, I really don’t get asked about much else when it comes to selecting paint colours.  So, what exactly is a neutral?  In theory it should be just that – a […]

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I expect that most of you right now are thinking about entertaining at some point over the Christmas holidays and I suspect there is just a little bit of panicking going on too!  So you really want to be able to sit back and enjoy the time that you have with family and friends but […]

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I would hazard a guess that the majority of us have introduced a little bit of Bohemian style into our homes without even realising it.  Remember there are no new ideas, just reinvented ones – I am happy to say though that these are usually improved upon versions.  The hippy days of the late 60s […]

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The Pantone colour for 2017 was Greenery – since updated in 2018 to Ultra Violet, which is a change to say the least.  However although the colour of last year, it appears that Greenery seems to be here to stay.  Perhaps it is our desire to be closer to nature but have you noticed lately […]

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Growing up in England, weatherboard houses were few and far between but I always admired the clapboard houses of East Coast America and longed to live in one of those.  Moving to Australia, I thought I would achieve my dream of owning a weatherboard house, as they are referred to here.  They are one of […]

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You may have seen the recent hype about Hygge and wondered what on earth it was all about.  I thought the same last year and decided I needed to become informed and bought myself The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking.  I sat down and read the book in one sitting and I am […]

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